Strategic partnership: Nodeberry to reinforce Crave Information Pvt Ltd’s technology resources and revamp its technical infrastructure.

1 min readMay 12, 2021

12th of May, 2021 — Nodeberry today announced its partnership with At Social, a product of Crave Information Pvt Ltd, to improve their existing technology infrastructure. Through Nodeberry’s partnership with Crave Information, the two organizations will bring their collective resources, expertise, and integrated development frameworks.

Nodeberry has an extensive track record in developing robust and innovative products that support a more sustainable future. The partners’ objective is to enhance further their cloud-based technology infrastructure with enterprise-grade standards. This would tune and further streamline processes, both within and between companies — thus achieving valuable capability gains.

Given the strength of both firms’ networks across various sectors, the entire community is likely to gain from their collaboration.

“We need effective partnerships to revolutionize digitalization in and around India. By creating a standard together with Crave Information Pvt Ltd, we are offering added value to our clients and partners”, says Sujith, the CEO and President of Nodeberry Pvt Ltd.

Today’s announcement builds on Nodeberry’s work to advance sustainable enterprise resource planning solutions to make a significant choice for companies that wish to expand their in-house technical infrastructure to enterprise-grade standards with Nodeberry.